Dapo Akande contribution to the Symposium

IoW project mentioned in the Special Issue on Perpetrators and Victims of War of the European Journal of International Law, Volume 29, Issue 3, 9 November 2018. Crime of Aggression before the International Criminal Court: Introduction to the Symposium was written by Dapo Akande who, in the same issue, contributed also with an article Treaty […]

Jennifer Welsh contributes chapter to “The Grey Zone: Civilian Protection Between Human Rights and the Laws of War”

Jennifer Welsh contributes chapter “The Responsibility to Protect and Non-State Armed Groups” to the newly-published book The Grey Zone: Civilian Protection Between Human Rights and the Laws of War. The volume brings together contributions from leading academic authorities and legal practitioners on the situation of civilians in the grey zone between human rights and the laws […]

Book Review Essay: The International Criminal Court and Its Effects on Active Armed Conflicts – by Ruben Reike

Ruben Reike contributes book review essay  “The International Criminal Court and Its Effects on Active Armed Conflicts” to the Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding. The article reviews the following books: The International Criminal Court in Ongoing Intrastate Conflicts: Navigating the Peace–Justice Divide by Patrick S. Wegner. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015. pp. ix + 333 + […]

Arbitrary Withholding of Consent to Humanitarian Relief Operations in Armed Conflict – an article by Dapo Akande and Emanuela-Chiara Gillard

The UN Secretary-General has identified enhancing humanitarian access as one of the five core challenges to the protection of civilians in armed conflict. In recent years considerable attention has been devoted to identifying and mapping a wide range of practical constraints with respect to humanitarian operations and attempting to find ways of overcoming—or at least mitigating—their […]

Dapo Akande co-authors Article on the International Legal Framework Regulating the Use of Armed Drones

Dapo Akande has recently published a piece on the International Legal Framework Regulating the Use of Armed Drones. The article, published in the October 2016 issue of the International and Comparative Law Quarterly and available here, was co-authored with Christof Heyns – who was UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary and Arbitrary Executions – and 2 […]

Launch of Oxford Guidance on the Law Relating to Humanitarian Relief Operations in Situations of Armed Conflict

In many, if not most, armed conflicts, far more deaths occur as a result of the humanitarian crisis created by the conflict rather than from hostilities. However, in many recent conflicts humanitarian actors have faced serious challenges in delivering much-needed relief supplies and services to civilians in need. The United Nations Secretary-General, in his recent […]

“Promoting Compliance with International Humanitarian Law” – Chatham House briefing by Emanuela-Chiara Gillard

“Promoting Compliance with International Humanitarian Law”, Chatham House briefing by Emanula-Chiara Gillard (in the framework of the International Law Programme) Summary It is not the absence of law that is causing casualties, destruction and unprecedented displacement in armed conflict, but flagrant breaches of the most fundamental rules of international humanitarian law. Ways must be found […]

Humanitarian Actors’ Engagement with Accountability Mechanisms in Situations of Armed Conflict – Workshop report

The Individualisation of War Project explores the tensions arising from the increased prominence of the individual in the theory and practice of armed conflict. One manifestation of this process of individualisation are the endeavours to enhance accountability for violations of international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law (IHRL).  These include the establishment of […]